Wherever you live we can send you our Natural Hydrapharm Products for use on your skin and a balanced nutritional formula to support and speed the healing of the skin. These are renowned for clearing the symptoms of Psoriasis – flaking, red patches, itchy skin etc. To further help you we will supply FREE diet sheets and food guidelines to accelerate the clearance of your condition with a purchase of any of our products.

Sandra Gibbon’s best selling book ‘Beat Psoriasis – The Natural Way’

This clear practical guide is based on over 25 years personal experience of the most effective natural therapies.  By learning to solve the physical, practical and psychological aspects of being a sufferer Sandra was able to overcome her own psoriasis and help thousands of others clear their condition completely – The Natural Way.

Hydrapharm Formula No.1

a unique formulation of Dead Sea salts, and botanical and mineral essences. Hydrapharm Formula No.1 is designed to alleviate flaking and scaling skin. It also helps to halt the spread of any unwanted bacteria on the skin and to introduce essential minerals directly to the skin. Use twice a day morning and at night until flaking stops.  Best used in conjunction with Formula No.2 to reduce Psoriasis redness, itching and inflammation.

Size – 250ml

Price – £15.00

Hydrapharm Formula No.2

A special formulation of organic vegetable, nut and seed oils, essential oils, and botanical and mineral essences designed to aid healing of red and raised skin plaque, gently and effectively. Hydrapharm Formula No.2 nourishes and hydrates the skin.  Use twice a day morning and last thing at night until redness stops. To be used after applying Formula No.1 if the skin is flaking and scaling.

Size – 250ml

Price – £15.00

Hydrapharm Shampoo

Keeps the scalp and hair healthy, helps remove flaking skin (and dandruff), can be used for all skin conditions.  We recommend continued use to help maintain a healthy scalp. Hydrapharm Shampoo should be used to replace shower gel over the whole body as it will not aggravate your skin condition.

Size – 250ml

Price – £15.00

Hydrapharm Bath Formula

A special formulation of Dead Sea salts, and botanical and mineral essences designed to soften the skin, reduce unwanted bacteria on the skin, introduce minerals directly into the skin, speed the healing process and alleviate the problems associated with chlorine and other chemicals used in tap water which can often aggravate skin conditions. Use Hydrapharm Bath Formula every time you have a bath.

Size – 250ml

Price – £15.00

Hydrapharm Essential Elements

A balance of liquid vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in a highly absorbable formula to meet the body’s nutritional needs for essential nutrients. Specially developed by The Alternative Centre to nourish the body and the skin and accelerate the healing process.

Size – 150ml

Price – £20.00

Hydrapharm Nail Oil

A mixture of essential oils designed to strengthen new nail growth and remove fungus from the nail bed. Best used with Hydrapharm Essential Elements as this offers unique nutritional support for nails supplying minerals essential for healthy nail growth.  To be used for psoriasis around the nail bed, especially if fungal infection is apparent. Massage a drop of oil into each affected nail bed daily to strengthen new nail growth and control any fungal infection.

Size – 25ml

Price – £14.00

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Full instructions for using Hydrapharm Products will be sent along with your order – if you are in any doubt please contact us