MORA-Therapy units are widely used by medical professionals in Europe for the purpose of diagnosing the imbalance of the physical organs of the body – so that, for instance, the onset of kidney imbalance could be recognised and treated before a patient actually started experiencing the symptoms. Its role in preventative medicine is becoming increasingly renowned. This small, efficient unit registers the electro-magnetic field of each organ of the body via the energy pathways – known as meridians in the practice of the 5000 year-old therapy of acupuncture. A probe is placed on the terminal acupuncture points on the hands and feet which correspond to the organs being tested. The test is simple to apply and there is no discomfort. No needles are used in this procedure. An electro-magnetic reading is taken of the patient’s lymphatic system, lungs, large intestine, nervous system, circulation system, backache-degeneration, digestive system, heart, small intestine, spleen, pancreas, liver, joints, stomach, connective tissues (muscles and ligaments), skin, fatty tissue, gall bladder, kidneys and bladder. Patients are able to see for themselves any internal energy imbalance. This is a vital lesson in learning how their general health affects the condition of their psoriasis. The dial on the Mora-Therapy unit reads from 0-100 and a patient’s reading would be 50 in every energy field if their body were in perfect working order.
At this stage in their holistic programme patients usually begin to show genuine excitement about the journey they are to begin on their road to recovery. We feel this breakthrough occurs when they realise that they control their own level of health. All we have to do is show them the way. Jane Waters says to each patient during their consultation with her: ‘We can give you all the information you need to heal yourself. What you decide to do with that information is your decision. We will show you how to trigger your own self-healing process; the rest is up to you’. But for most it is the first time they have experienced a sense of joy and hope. What many find frightening at first is the sense of responsibility they have to have for themselves if they want to achieve any measure of success.
The diagram shows a patient’s reading from the Mora-Therapy unit, and it can be seen that all the energy systems of this particular patient are out of balance. This is not uncommon. The next step is to identify which energy system is the cause behind this total imbalance which is affecting the patient’s skin. Common amongst causes are wrong eating habits, addictions, chemical and environmental pollution, excess alcohol, caffeine, previous illnesses, after-effects of medications, immunisations, extensive dental work, hereditary factors, injuries and psychological and emotional disturbances.
Out of 126 cases of psoriasis treated, 115 showed an imbalance in the lungs, 126 the colon, 124 the digestive system, 125 the liver, and 125 the kidneys. Careful analysis of the readings from the Mora-Therapy unit and information gained from the patient in consultation leads to a careful selection process of remedies from natural sources, high in vibrational energy, that are complementary to the patient’s self-healing process. Remedies that will assist in restoring and rejuvenating the patient’s own healing energy. They also help in releasing accumulative excess toxins. Detoxifying the physical body is the key to healing the skin and releasing your own healing energy.
This form of alternative therapy also has a remarkable effect on some of the psychological and emotional disturbances so common with psoriasis sufferers. Once they see their skin beginning to improve many of their negative thought processes automatically disappear without psychotherapy. Each patient’s needs on both physical and psychological levels are unique. Some will respond well to homoeopathically-prepared remedies, others to extracts from the healing properties of certain plants, and often a combination is recommended.
The next series of tests relate directly to the skin. Products are tested for their compatibility to the patient’s skin – to ensure the best possible chance of the patient’s maximum benefit with the minimum amount of distress. From the enormous selection of treatments available for psoriasis sufferers to apply to the skin we only choose those to recommend that are natural, safe, easy-to-apply and pleasant to use. After many years of suffering and dealing with psoriasis ourselves we are well and truly experienced in knowing what psoriasis sufferers do not want.
The product ranges include bath solutions, shampoos and treatments for the irritation, redness, flaking, soreness and extreme dryness. We also recommend that any other substances that come into contact with the skin be tested for compatibility with a patient’s skin. These may be shaving preparations, cosmetics and hair treatments, toiletries, washing powders or chemicals.

Advice is given on dietary adjustments and how an excess of certain foods can have a harmful effect on the organs of the body. This also applies to food additives. Also covered are preparation procedures and what utensils are used. Cooking methods are discussed – microwave ovens and your health, aluminum cooking pans – as are nutrient and energy requirements.