Personal Consultations

As you are aware your skin renews itself every 28 days. Why does yours keep coming up wrongly? Sometimes in the same place sometimes in a different place – there is something wrong inside. With a consultation we get to the root cause of your problem – an imbalance somewhere of an organ or system of the body causing your skin to be inflamed. In this way you not only clear your skin but ensure that it stays clear.

How It Works?

During the first part of a consultation we use Mora-Therapy* to assess the underlying cause of your skin condition. This enables us to discover which organs and systems of the body are out of balance. We then determine whether the body needs to be de-toxed, de-stressed, or if diet, digestive weakness, low immunity or hormones are a factor, and of course if lifestyle changes need to be addressed. Bringing the body back to balance is an integral part of the holistic approach to clearing your skin.

Mora Therapy is an internationally renowned diagnostic technique developed by Dr Voll over 30 years ago. Widely used in Europe by doctors and health care professionals it helps assess some of the possible causes of health conditions and food intolerances that can impede the healing process. See FAQs for more information.

At The Alternative Centre we have developed our own unique range of remedies, containing natural infusions of plants and minerals, which help to achieve your personal rebalancing programme gently and naturally. Thus the body is able to better support the skin and work towards achieving clearance of your condition.

The second part of the consultation covers food sensitivity and intolerance testing of a wide range of foods and beverages to see exactly how your digestive system reacts to them. Other external factors – environmental, animal, chemical and skin products etc – can also be tested using Mora-Therapy for the effect they have on the skin.

A Personal Consultation lasts two hours and costs just £140 (UK Sterling) excluding the cost of remedies and lotions.

To book a consultation at the Centre, please contact us